• At the Helm: UP Hosting Years
UP's Opening 1999 Photo from/Reference: uaapgames.com

As the organizer, UP representatives, Dr. Antonio G. Sison and Bartolome were the first officers (president and secretary-treasurer, respectively) of the UAAP. To give the member universities the opportunity to train in the conduct and management of athletic events, Prof. Bartolome suggested that hosting the UAAP be done rotation. This was unanimously approved and lots were drawn for the order of rotation. After the "mobile home" format adopted at the birth of the UAAP, a "hosting pattern" was made. The result was as follows: UST - FEU - NU.

The University of the Philippines first hosted the annual games in the 1949–50 season. Women's Basketball and Men's Lawn Tennis were first played during this year. UP won two titles that year in Women's Volleyball and Men's Athletics improving from the previous season's performance.

UP then hosted the games during the following years: 1953–1954, 1957–1958, 1963–1964, 1968–1969, 1973–1974, 1979–1980, 1983–1984, 1990–1991, and 1999–2000.

UP paid a tribute to the mascots of the member-universities in a dance number crafted by the premier choreographer Douglas Nierras in that season's opening ceremonies. The dance was entitled "Bigyang Katuparan, 'Sang Kalikasan" and was executed by the university's top performance groups.

The Diwatas (2008 Opening) - from www.maroonsbasketball.com After nine years, in time for its centennial, the University hosted the 71st UAAP Season with the theme "Filipino Leadership through Sports Excellence". The opening ceremonies held July 5, 2008 featured an awesome display of rituals, traditions, music, and dances reflecting the rich Filipino culture of games and sports.

For the first time in UAAP history, the league opened its 78th Season on the month of September, the third of the month to be exact, reflecting the calendar changes in half the member-universities, including our very own University, which is the Season's host. The opening ceremony called "Arkipelago" characterized how diverse the Filipino as a nation yet has that innate ability to unite, reflecting that nature of UAAP as an athletic institution. The Season also called on the league to stand up and move forward with the theme "Tumitindig. Sumusulong."


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